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OmniSocial Learning

MZINGA Learning Record Store

Learning Can Happen Anytime & Anywhere
The Mzinga LRS Lets You Know When It Does


A robust e-Learning authoring system that brings new meaning to the term team-work.


Build e-learning courses, quizzes, and games, using only your browser.


Work together. Reuse existing content. Share ideas. Assign tasks.


Publish your e-learning creations to HTML 5, LMS, PDF or desktop.

This Week I Learned!

The first team-based collaborative video app for teams, organizations and companies of all sizes.






OmniSocial Learning

The LMS for Employee Engagement

Employee productivity is critical to remain competitive. Transform your organization into a more open, productive work environment by introducing collaboration and interactivity into your employees’ everyday experience. Using OmniSocial Learning, you can create a social business ecosystem that enables social learning, ongoing communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing, peer support, and more.

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OmniSocial Learning Extended Enterprise

The LMS for Customer Engagement

Great customer experience leads to loyal customers. Add the social web into that equation—along with customers who are becoming more and more vocal about their experiences, sharing thoughts and opinions, and influencing others about their sales experience, their training during on-boarding, and their ultimate support—and you’ve got a prime opportunity to differentiate your company.

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Mzinga Learning Record Store

xAPI is Here

Industry standards such as SCORM allowed learning content to be developed and hosted in any LMS. As LMSs became more prevalent in the extended enterprise, and organizations realized that learning happens EVERYWHERE, a new way to capture that learning would be needed.  The Mzinga Learning Record Store helps you quantify, track and report that progress.

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Composica collaborative authoring platform


Learning Content Authoring

Composica is more than an authoring tool.  It’s a collaborative authoring platform that lets your entire team create, collaborate and publish e-learning content anytime, anywhere.

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