xAPI Webinar

The Experience API (xAPI) – Learning Can Happen Everywhere. Let’s start here.

Presented Thursday, October 15, 2-3 pm EDT

Traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) have long provided reports of who took what and what they scored. In the world of formal compliance driven content, that’s what we all cared about. Industry standards such as SCORM allowed learning content to be developed and hosted in any LMS. As LMSs became more prevalent in the extended enterprise, and organizations realized that learning happens EVERYWHERE, a new way to capture that learning would be needed. The Experience API, also known by some as “Tin Can” was born. Took a course? – check. Watched a video? – noted. Wrote a Blog post? – tracked. The options for quantifying, tracking and reporting user interactions in the system, and outside of the system are almost limitless.

Join us on October 15th to hear from experts in our organization discuss what the xAPI is, what it does, and how the Mzinga OmniSocial Learning platform and the Learning Record Store can work for you.

Hope to see you on Oct 15th!

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