Webinar: The Future of Learning is Video and Collaborative

Join our Webinar on April 13, 2016 at 2pm EDT:

The Future of Learning is Video and Collaborative

Your learners collaborate to get their work done.  They know who to ask when they have a question.  They use Google and YouTube extensively to quickly find that 90 second video to help them with common things. They are NOT searching the corporate LMS for a two hour course about your CRM system. They want answers immediately and chances are someone on the team already has one.

Informal learning has always been a part of our work environment:

  • It’s the water cooler.
  • The ride back from the job site.
  • The post mortem in the airport after that big pitch.

Learn how you can blend new approaches to learning with your traditional systems.  The advent of short form video has created a fantastic opportunity to leverage both video and collaborative approaches into the learning portfolio you deliver.